Full digital DBS checking and management service

We have everything businesses need to check their staff in the new age. From remote ID verification, digital applications and automated DBS update service checks; all in one simple to use service.

Proudly working with some of the industries leading companies

Request your DBS checks. Fast.

All you have to do is select the Enhanced DBS check box and input some information about the applicant and the role required on the certificate

Digital forms and remote ID verification

llama.id will walk professionals and organisations through the forms and we will inform you if anything looks wrong.

Connect to the update service immediately

Unlike most DBS services, as soon as the check is started we can onboard the applicant to the update service. We can sync checks every month to your system to give you a better secure working process.

Say goodbye to the photocopier

You might like to still use it for staff party face scanning, but llama.id stores all information digitally. This means that you can digitally countersign documents and these are backed up and stored securely in our system.

Fully compliant management system for your Criminal checks

If you are going to work for an organisation in regulated activity. All you have to do is email them your llama.id profile and they we receive all your information instantly.

This means you don't need to carry around key documents in your bag.

One solution, all you need

Low cost, high performing DBS service

  • Enhanced DBS + Barred list £46.00 inc VAT
  • Live video or remote post office ID check
  • Digital countersigning and storage
  • Fully integrated DBS update service
“llama.id enabled us to DBS check over 60 staff remotely. We wouldn't have been able to do this through COVID19 without them"

Charlotte Rea,
HR Lead

Impress your staff with a simple process

  • llama.id will walk them through the process
  • They will know when action is required
  • They won't need to email you information anymore
  • Your staff can share their records securely
“llama.id is all organisations need. Simple, fast, and gives me the information I need to make the right decision”.

Eric Tunner, Childcare provider.
Question 1

How much does it cost for a DBS check?

Enhanced DBS checks + Barred list checks are only £46.00 including VAT.

There is no minimum order required to obtain this price. This makes us the best value service in the UK currently, thanks to our partnership with GB Group.

Question 2

How does remote DBS ID verify work?

It's really simple. The applicant just has to print-off a bar code once they have completed their DBS application form and go to a local post office.

The post office will validate the individuals identity and llama.id will ensure the rest is taken care of. You will be informed when the check has been completed.

Question 3

How man DBS update checks can I request?

There are no limits to the amount of DBS update checks you can request. As long as the person who you employ knows you will conduct checks on them with llama.id, you can set up the frequency of how many checks you want to conduct each year.

All the results will be stored and made visible in llama.id. If there are any issues that you need to take action for, llama.id will notify you immediately.

Question 4

What is digital countersigning?

As part of the legislation around regulated activity recruitment, you need to confirm that you have seen the certificate. Our portal will enable the applicant to upload their DBS check when they receive it and you will be notified as an organisation to review it.

You can sign the digital countersigning form in llama.id, which will record who checked the document, their position and the time and date. It's that simple.

Question 5

How long does it take for a DBS check to be completed?

No company can ever commit to a time scale with criminal checks, as its all dependant on the disclosure service to complete the checks.

However, we work with the UK's number provider to the DBS service (GB Group) and our shortest time to receive a completed check was 3 days. If checks are taking longer than you expect there will probably be two factors contributing to that; the disclosure service is dealing with a surge in requests or additional checks are being carried out on the individual.

If you have any more question please contact us at help@llama.id

One tree planted for every verified staff member

We are proudly working with onetreeplanted.org to plant one tree for every person checked with llama.id. It's our way of giving back to the planet.