Automated, compliant,
safer recruitment
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Are you using multiple providers and manual processes to recruit? Are your employees drowning in emails and links from different companies to provide data? Simplify the process. Remove admin and risk with

Working with some of the industry's leading organisations

Simple, yet powerful features

IDSP certified checks

We work with IDSP regulated providers to lead the way in digital identity check in.

DBS applications

We are partnered with the UK's biggest DBS provider, meaning our performance is #1.

Reference automation

We have built the only fully-automated reference service, saving time sending reminder emails.

Digitalise forms

Create custom onboarding forms and PDFs, and sign contracts in our easy to use system.

All-in-one automated referencing

llamaGuard uses llamaRef to turn traditional manual reference collection into an automated digital process. There are no barriers to entry with our system, as everything is fully-customisable to your organisation.

Referencing that delivers results!

Our service delivered more than 3000 references to one client in 4 months, and reduced admin to complete the same process manually by 85%.

Performance and compliance

You can create custom forms and follow processes that deliver what you need, and ensure you stay compliant.

Not every one will complete a digital form? No problem!

Not every employer will have procedures in place allowing for the completion of digital forms. We have built an automated tool that supports this, making our system the first of its kind.

IDSP certified checks

Through our direct partnerships with YOTI and FADV, we lead the way in IDSP certified automation.

Instant right to work checks

We have a process to capture all types of right to work checks. IDSP means around 78% of right to work checks are automatically verified. Read more.

Instant DBS ID verification

The DBS service has adapted to IDSP legislation, meaning organisations no longer have to manually verify IDs for around 60% of applications. Read more.

Designed for all industries

Regulated hiring, and compliance with safer recruitment spans many industries. llama has been built to be fully customised by any organisation, in any sector. Below are a few key areas we cover.

Recruitment agencies fits perfectly into recruitment agency processes. Hiring volumes are high, and the average recruitment agency will use 5 tools/services to do what does in one. Reduce your time to hire by moving it all to, and increase your interview attendance.

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Education & Childcare

It's no secret that education and childcare are suffering from a shortage of staff. can significantly reduce the average hiring time of 35 days in the industry to give your potential employees the best initial experience with your organisation.

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Health & Social care

Compliance in health & social care changes constantly, and keeping your workforce up to date with the latest policies and checks is important. provides you one system to maintain the policies and legislation your employees need to adhere to.

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Digital forms and contract signing

During our industry research we were shocked to see how organisations were managing documents and contracts through emails and manual forms. Larger organisations were also paying over the odds for digital document services that didn't provide much flexibility. Form digitalisation and document signing are key features of llama

Facts about our existing customers

No matter the size of your organisation, our success stories stand out from the crowd. Since our national rollout, we have connected to more than 7,000 professionals, and added huge value to our customers.

Powering efficient time to hire

Vision for Education was one of our BETA clients, helping us perfect the end-to-end recruitment journey. They hire more than 10,000 staff a year, and employ more than 150 staff over 24 branches. Within 3 months of national rollout, llama has reduced their time to hire from 40 days to around 15 days, with a further reduction to 10 days in sight.

Vision for Education
National recruiter
time to hire
Automated references

Smart teachers were another BETA client during our national trial. Previously, their organisation relied on manual forms and a very admin-heavy reference gathering system. Using digital reference forms, whilst maintaining a process for clients to send manual reference forms, they increased completions by 41% in 3 months of using

Smart Teacher
Teacher recruiter
References completed
DBS Update Service automation

Before using our system, ABC were using a manual process for checking thousands of employee's certificates to see if they were on the Update Service.'s integration means teachers can upload and connect directly to the Update Service, and returns the latest statuses instantly.

ABC teachers
Growing recruiter
Users on update service
A powerful DBS process

Since our national BETA trial, has gone from strength to strength in optimising processes that are not possible on other platforms. ID document collection, application feedback, and re-submissions mean that in the last 3 months DBS applications have increased 1500%, and check times between 5-10 days.
DBS automation
DBS applications completed

Automate your DBS Update Service checks has built a complex but simple service to ensure your employees are registered on the Update Service, and their latest criminal status is always available. A compliant service that saves you hours of admin.

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