To help businesses through this period, we have decided to reduce and freeze the costs of Enhanced DBS checks for non-volunteers for £46 (inc vat.) for life! Available to all organisations with no minimum order required.

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Better Safeguarding is leading the safeguarding initiative to provide better resource and processes for screening staff. We have designed, developed and agreed innovative technology partnerships,  that provides one solution for all organizations that require these type of checks. 

Our members benefit from the UK’s leading price for Enhanced DBS checks and other screenings. 

Trusted by over 350 organziations

Roll all your on-boarding processes into one one simple solution with


Get access to the business pack, that illustrates how we save businesses hours of time, save huge costs and lower the risk during the safeguarding process. 

The Safeguarding Passport builds staff a portable safeguarding passport that can be shared with new employers and screening checks for safeguarding and countersigning can be completed within minutes not days or weeks!

The first centralized database provides organizations the ability to view all checks that have been verified historically. Llama Id will notify all organizations connected to a profile if there are updates, new checks requested or changes to their information. 

Collaborative data is the key to better transparency in safeguarding.

Leading technology provides organizations a solution to request all checks required for safeguarding. With our deep integrations into government services we speed up the process and amplify your safeguarding.

Create applicant requests simply.

All checks in one system

DBS partnership with GBG group

Speed up your onboarding

Quick Bio-Metric identity service

Share staff profiles securely

The simplest way to ensure you're compliant

Our unique  workflow ensures we capture all the information and documents you need to verify.

We store all information, documentation & digital stamps of when you countersigned documents so you have them ready when the regulators come knocking!

add candidate

Simple on-boarding process

We built our solution so anyone can pick it up and run with it. Whether you’re a seasoned HR guru or you’re running your own day nursery, the system will ensure you don’t miss anything

verified2 has been developed in line with Dfe and Ofsted safeguarding legislation. Join the only safeguard focused screening database today!

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