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These automated processes streamlined banking where 85% of people applying for credit or bank accounts can follow a fully-digitalised route. This has had significant impact on the industry with more people switching bank accounts. This is llama.id's mission for safer recruitment. There will always need to be safeguarding decisions made, but llama.id collects all the data, allowing you to confidently make well-informed decisions.

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How llama.id started

llama.id started life in research and development for over 12 months. There was a trend showing that financial firms were utilising automated technology to create bank accounts for people in less than 5 minutes. The process is very similar to safer recruitment, where multiple databases, bureaus, and historic information is collected and analysed in minutes.

How Techly Started - Techly X Webflow Template

Our values

llama.id has built a strong culture which helps us to grow quickly, with confidence in the sector.

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Results matter

We are passionate about performance. Our goal is to never stop looking at way to optimise further.


Unlike other HR services, we are technology first. We find long-term solutions quickly to ease frustrations for you.


We love it! It's what we do best. We are always ahead of industry changes, and enjoy launching new features to save companies time.


It is our goal to support the industry by offering better tools to increase hiring rates across all industries.

Fair pricing

HR software and screening services are usually expensive. We will always keep our prices fair to support every type of company.


A key part of our vision is to educate employers and employees on what best practice safe recruitment looks like. Look out for our free content to help you with your processes.

Our partners

In the short time since our launch, we are working with some of the biggest companies in the industry across the UK.

Come and join our team at llama.id

If you are interested in what we do, and you think you would like to the join us on the journey, please email us your CV. We will be recruiting for many different roles as we expand.

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Join Our Team - Techly X Webflow Template
Join Our Team - Techly X Webflow Template
Join Our Team - Techly X Webflow Template