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Question 1

How much is a DBS check with

Enhanced DBS checks + Barred list checks are only £46.00 including VAT. There is no minimum order required to obtain this price. This makes us the best value service in the UK currently, thanks to our partnership with GB Group.

Question 2

Can we hire people remotely with

Yes. You can use our integration with the Post Office ID checking service meaning that a persons Identity can be validated remotely and their DBS check be completed without you having to try and meet them face to face. One company used this service to verify over 60 staff remotely in just 2 months. If you have anymore questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Question 3

What is bio-metric technology?

Bio-metric technology is one of the most secure ways of verifying someones identity in the digital world. Our bio-metric integrations can validate someones identity in seconds and with further technology we can also use this system to validate someones right to work. As recruiters no one is trained in spotting a fake document, so leave this to bio-metric technology.

Question 4

How does the DBS update service work?

It's pretty simple. We are directly connected into the governments disclosure update service. As soon as a DBS check is created we inform the applicant how to join the update service without them having to wait for their certificate.

Once they are onboarded onto the update service, we can start returning update checks to you as often as you require. If you need more information on how this works please contact us at

Question 5

How does the referencing service work?

Great question! We knew from our research that everyones referencing processes are different. So all you need to do is upload your referencing form to and our service will take care of the rest.

If you feel more comfortable calling the referee as well, obtains all reference information from the applicant if you want to still obtain further information yourself.