How can Education Recruitment thrive through Covid19?
January 10, 2021

As Covid19 is currently an unexpected normality right now, one thing is certain, things are more difficult. The virus that blindsided us all, has distanced billions of people across the globe and made economic decisions very challenging to make. While restaurants and businesses continue to struggle to provide a service to the families now quarantined at home, the education sector is left questioning the future.

The virus has either completely cancelled school for some or moved education into an online playing field. Universities and Schools, all over the country are now teaching classes online and this makes things very confusing for both the students and the tutors.

The whole nature of education during a pandemic is almost impossible to administer. In the United Kingdom alone, roughly 20,000 families have been permanently damaged by a Covid19 related death. On top of that, the unemployment rates are climbing as more workers file for universal credit and other government support schemes.

The numbers of teacher has steadily been falling before the virus hit and with the unwelcomed U-turn on early years support funding, the future for education recruitment in the sector is slightly daunting. When this pandemic eventually lifts, the shortfall of educators in the UK could mean that classroom learning could still not be able to return to normal as soon as possible.

How is recruitment adapting?

It is vital that education recruitment does not slow down during Covid19, so we can ensure that there is a strong pipeline of educators ready to help schools and nurseries return to normality. Matt Brown, Director at renowned Dunbar education is proving that supporting Schools and Teachers through this period is vital.

“At Dunbar Education we are lucky to have a strong network of schools we are partnered with, which is really important in times like this. It has meant that although many of the schools are not actually open, we are still able to work them to help recruit for their September vacancies. We have also been able to spend a lot more time speaking to our teachers and support staff about how they are coping during this difficult period. “

The shift to remote working has seen a huge uplift in the use of technology in recruitment. The transition to this new way of working has been tough for some. However, Dunbar Education is another example company utilizing technology to aid its business. Matt added,

“We have adapted quickly and are now carrying out video interviews and registrations through platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangout and Teams. We have seen a real increase in the number of candidates registering with us across all four of our divisions.”

How can technology help us return to normality?

To match the sudden need of a educators, institutions will need a reliable and quick way to remotely onboard new faculty during Covid19. is the only UK based background-screening service that specifies in safeguarding checks. It allows businesses to quickly and reliably check the backgrounds of potential employees to work in a position that requires utmost scrutiny during the hiring process.

To provide aid in a challenging time for organizations both in the hiring process and financially, has reduced and frozen the costs of Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) for life to £46 inc VAT, which now makes the best value DBS service in the UK being used by over 350 clients already.

By utilizing biometric technology, eliminates manual screening processes and provides an individual’s identity, right to work and this can all be cross-checked against 30,000+ databases. Innovative features like digital countersigning and safeguarding passports, provides all the tools organizations need to get the information they need quickly to make an informed hiring decision.

Sure, the coronavirus has separated us. It has made life more difficult and the hiring process infinitely more complex. Unfortunately, some organizations will be lethally injured by the economic damage caused by the virus. For those that survive the storm, the onboarding process needs to be quick and streamlined. makes this possible by eliminating the manual complexity of identification in the safeguarding sector.

Final thoughts...

If you are worried about finding work in the education sector during Covid19, Matt Brown had a few leaving thoughts to hopefully keep people motivate in the job market.

“Although not many roles will start this side of the Summer holidays, positions for September are being recruited for as we speak, so make sure you continue to apply for roles.

“If you are a supply teacher, this is likely to have been a really difficult time, but I do believe that the end is in sight. There will be a greater demand when this calms down, so stay active in your search and feel free to get in touch with the Dunbar team so that we can offer all the support we can.”

Hopefully, the quarantine will be over soon, and the school/child-care industries can start returning to some sort of normality. Be sure to check out and see how they can keep your institution running smoothly by bringing on the right people.