Make School, Nursery and Childcare settings a priority for the COVID19 Vaccine
January 10, 2021

Recently in unfortunate events, the government announced once again that educational settings aren’t seen as a priority to ensure the country can return back to some normality.

Throughout the COVID19 crisis, the educational and childcare industry has been the beating heart of positivity in the UK alongside the outstanding work by the NHS, and other key workers.

Parents and families who have suffered the most through the past year, have had outstanding local support from Schools, Nurseries and childcare settings. What has happened is not right, but by no means is this fight over.

What is the 3 step checklist to make our voices heard?

We can do it, if we work together. If we all follow these 3 simple steps we can make our voices heard about making Teachers, Nurseries and Childcare settings a priority for the vaccine.

1. Sign the petition.

Here is the petition

This is not enough though. When this is discussed in parliament its important to get the backing of local MPs and minister to be our voices in parliament and make those voices heard.

2. Send an email to your local MPs.

We need more ministers to hear our voices collectively. This is how we get our petition moved forward to a potential motion. Without this support it could be less likely that our petition is taken seriously as one petition was already rejected for a similar cause.

You can find your local MP by using this tool:

Email template

[Insert your address]

Dear [MP name]

My name is [insert name] and I am a constituent of yours in [name of constituency]. I’m writing to you to request that you raise the issue of Schools, Nurseries and Childcare setting not being made a priority for the COVID19 vaccine, on my behalf.

I work as [insert information of company; work the company does; how many people, if any, you employ].

I am one over 100,000 organisations and one of over a million people that is out of scope of the for the COVID19 prioritisation. As a result, [include personal circumstances and impact of lack of government support].

Education and childcare settings have been the beating heart throughout COVID19 alongside the NHS and other key workers. We have been there for our community and its families when times got hard and with this announcement it has totally de-moralised the sector.

My belief is that is we want to prevail as a nation through this you cannot take away the pulse of what is keeping this country running.

I am therefore asking you to raise this important issue with the Chancellor and his team in Parliament.

I’d be grateful if you could respond to me outlining the steps you have taken on my behalf.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

[Insert name]

3. Share this with everyone!

Share this process with everyone in the sector and get more people to email their local MPs. Many motions have been made by this process in parliament and we need as many people on our side who can take this battle to the government for us.

Let’s get as many MPs on board and make our voices heard in parliament!

Stay safe everyone!