NDNA and llama.id join forces to safeguard Nurseries

January 10, 2021

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with The National Day Nurseries Association! NDNA is a charity that believes in quality and the sustainability of day nurseries. NDNA offers membership to early years providers to support thousands of children UK and internationally. This partnership is the first major step for llama.id to unify the Nursery sector and increase safeguarding through better technology.

What does this mean for Nurseries?

llama.id is a solution that enables Nurseries to onboard new staff, complete all required pre-employment check and manage their existing staff central record, with next to no effort. Per month the price is £8.99, and organisations can request all safeguarding checks to be completed on new hires or existing staff maintenance.

It only costs 79p per month to maintain a staff record. This includes updating checks, managing identity, right to work, references and qualifications through your staff’s career. It also enables you to hire staff directly or from agencies, quicker and safer than ever before.

llama.id enables Nurseries to inform parents and other businesses that their staff are safe to be working in that environment.

Thoughts on this?

We spoke to our Founder Alex Johnson on this milestone and he had the following to say:

“Its been a long road to this point. I thought the day would never come, especially with the recent impact of Covid19. The NDNA have been great through this period and the efforts of both organizations have proved dividend.”

“Our goal now, is to help support Nurseries getting back to some sort of normality and the feedback from our existing clients has proven that llama.id is be a great solution to take the burden of hours of admin, away from Nursery staff.”

What is the goal for llama.id in the Nursery sector?

Our goal is to connect 100,000 professionals to 10,000 organisations with our safeguard passport; to remove barriers to hiring and de-risk the entire process. Imagine being able to on-board someone securely within hours rather than waiting weeks to compile all the regulatory requirements. All is possible with llama.id.

We also want to work with nurseries to help develop better technology to help automate more processes. If there are any ideas you would like llama.id to focus on, please do not hesitate to suggest this to our team.

How can I get the discount through the NDNA?

NDNA members have been provided lifetime discounted access to llama.id for just £5.99 per month.

The average size day nursery with five staff can automate their entire staff record maintenance for £100 per year! You can also request new checks directly through llama.id, which saves hours of administration when hiring new staff or maintaining existing staff.

Try your first check for FREE, so you can witness how much time and effort we are saving 350+ organizations across the UK. If you’re not yet a member of NDNA and would like to benefit from our offer, join NDNA here