How to complete a digital ID check with in under 2 minutes!

Follow this simple how-to guide to complete your ID checks 

1. Download the Credas app on your phone.

To complete the ID and Right to work check you will need to download the Credas App. This is available on iOS and Android. This is where you will take a selfie and upload a proof of ID. Bio-metric technology is safer and more secure than sending this information via email.

2. Go to your inbox to get your registration ID

After creating an account with you will have received an email from Credas to complete checks. This will display your unique registration code. e.g 8N4PQ4R2. You will need this to enter on the first screen of the Credas app.

3. Enter your email and accept T&Cs

After entering your registration ID, you will need to enter your email and accept the T&Cs. You cannot continue unless you do this. Please make sure before you continue you have good mobile network coverage or access to a strong wifi connection.

4. Now for your Selfie and Liveness check

Click take a selfie. You will be asked to take a selfie first. Make sure your head is in the red box. Confirm you're happy with the picture and then click next. You will now be asked to do something like touching your ear. Confirm you are happy with the image and click continue.

5. Final step. Your identification check.

Tap on Scan ID document. You will have an option to click the ID document you want to upload. Click the option relevant to you. Please ensure that ensure all corners of the document are in the picture. You maybe be asked to scan digital documents with your NFC reader. You can do this by going to your settings in your phone and turning it on. Follow instructions on the app.

6. You're all done!

After confirming your ID upload you're all done! We will take it from here and we will inform your organization when the checks have been completed. Thanks for using to validate your identity and to help us keep businesses secure.

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