KCSIE Online checks. Save time and reduce risk for just £1.00.

Compliant KCSIE online checks
Request your check in minutes
12,000+ media sources checked
Responses returned in hours
High risk matches returned to review
Variety of risk factors such as terrorism, child exploitation,
Trafficking, Sexual exploitation and more.
Supporting schools with KSCIE compliance
KSCIE compliant online checks from £1.00
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KSCIE most asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the most asked questions about the KSCIE online media checks. if you need more questions answering join our webinar or get in touch.

What do your KSCIE online checks cover?

The guidance was updated to state that social media checks were optional. llama's checks cover any media online that could be a risk. Did you know 45% of profiles are private anyway, so paying over the odds for a social media check that could return nothing is not viable. We check over 12,000 media sources across the globe.

How are your checks so cheap?

Existing screening companies are years behind where technology is today. Through our teams experience and connections across multiple industries, we have de-constructed technology and combined it together to build a powerful simple solution.

Schools and trusts do not have time to run these checks constantly. Checking google is impossible as it just returns millions of records to review and existing companies are charging more than £10 minimum per check!

If you hired 100 people a year that's a minimum £1000 per year in additional operational costs. We wanted to act to support the sector!

What is the difference between independent schools and Trusts?

There is no difference between what we offer. Whether you are hiring 1000's of staff a year or a few people a month, there is no change to the KSCIE online media check price.

We are focused on supporting the sector with a service that will truly benefit schools and people working in the sector.

Can recruitment agencies sign up to these checks?

Great question! The answer is simple. YES!

If you supply the sector and want to stand out from the market by going above and beyond to support schools with these kind of checks, we are here to support you.

The update from KCSIE removed supply agencies from the guidance. However, we believe at llama, that if we offer innovate affordable and high performing technology solutions, it will increase compliance and support across the sector.

If you are a supply agency interested in conducting these checks to support your schools, please get in contact.

How Techly Started - Techly X Webflow Template

With our teams experience in multiple industries and technology start ups, we found a solution to de-construct certain technology to provide a low risk, high performing online media check to the sector. We wanted to provide a solution to the sector that would be so easy to use, that it would be a no brainer to do the automated check as it would be cheaper than manually doing the check, lower risk and no need to pay over the odds with another provider.

Why llama wanted to help?

Our research showed that existing screening companies didn't understand the guidance. They were trying to sell expensive social media checks to schools. £10-40 a check is not feasible for schools and trusts, resulting in £1000s in additional costs schools cannot afford. Increase in work for schools and trusts was another factor, as this would also costs schools £1000s in additional administration hours. Finally, the risk of schools searching google and having to review millions of results or just checking the first page, was a worrying thought.

How Techly Started - Techly X Webflow Template