Learn how llama.id will help your Nursery in
five simple steps.

llama.id is built for all types of businesses who need to comply with safer recruitment and safeguarding legislation. Compliant with DfE and Ofsted legislation.

Proudly working with some of the industries leading companies

Request your screening checks. Fast.

All you have to do is select the checks that you want to complete, submit and llama.id will take over from there.

All checks will be completed and returned

llama.id has been branded as a digital full time admin employee. We conduct all the checks and return them back to you in an organised format.

Staff information will be maintained

The magic doesn't stop there. We maintain the information in an Ofsted compliant format. You will also be notified about any negative criminal updates or documents that have expired.

Say goodbye to the photocopier

You might like to still use it for staff party face scanning, but llama.id stores all information digitally. This means that you can digitally countersign documents and these are backed up and stored securely in our system.

Share records with organisations securely

If you are going to work for an organisation in regulated activity. All you have to do is email them your llama.id profile and they we receive all your information instantly.

This means you don't need to carry around key documents in your bag.

Simple, transparent pricing for Nurseries

No contracts. No surprise fees.


£8.99 p/m

For Nurseries who aren't an NDNA membership holder

Enhanced DBS checks
Request all checks
Profile notifications
Share llama.id profiles
+ 0.79p per month per record
Integrated central record
Digital countersigning


Contact us

For Enterprise size Nurseries with 1000's of staff employed

Enhanced DBS checks
Request all checks
Profile notifications
Share llama.id profile
Integrated central record
Digital countersigning
Enterprise level reporting
Question 1

How much will it cost for a Day Nursery?

If you are an NDNA member and want to use llama.id for your organisation (based on 5 staff) it will only cost you around £115.00 for the full year.

There aren't any contracts and everything is as flexible as you want it to be.

Question 2

What about all my existing information?

That's not a problem. All you have to do is upload all the information you have in llama.id and our system will organise correctly for you into a compliant single central record.

You will be informed if anything is missing or anything looks like it needs action taking. There is no fee for this service as it is part of llama.id's core service to our customers.

Question 3

Is there a free trial?

Of course! What our team makes sure of, is that your are happy with the set up for your business data first. Once you're happy that all the information is correct and your staff or new hires are happy with the system, that's when we will talking about you becoming a paying member.

Question 4

What shall I do if I'm part of a Nursery franchise?

llama.id has been developed for larger organisations too. Our team can speak to you about the options you have as a franchise and how we can save your team 100's of admin hours per year, by using llama.id.

Please contact as at help@llama.id to speak to our team

Question 5

Is this compliant with Ofsted requirements

Yes. We have worked with over 100 Nurseries to ensure that we can make sure your information is managed as Ofsted and DfE legislation requires. You will have access to all your staff data inside your integrated single central record.

All data will be backed up and you will be notified if something needs your attention.

Low cost, high performing DBS service

  • Enhanced DBS + Barred list £46.00 inc VAT
  • Bio-metric and remote post office ID verification
  • Digital countersigning and storage
  • Fully integrated DBS update service
“llama.id enabled us to DBS check over 60 staff remotely. We wouldn't have been able to do this through COVID19 without them"

Charlotte Rea,
HR Lead

Impress your staff with a simple process

  • llama.id will walk them through the process
  • They will know when action is required
  • They won't need to email you information anymore
  • Your staff can share their records securely
“Midnight is the template all startups need. High-converting, fast, and beautiful”.

Eric Tunner, Childcare provider

"We wanted to build something to help education and childcare businesses spend more time on what matters most. llama.id can be integrated into an existing process within days which was previously a big blocker for businesses using new software in this industry”.

Alex Johnson
CEO & Founder

One tree planted for every verified staff member

We are proudly working with onetreeplanted.org to plant one tree for every person checked with llama.id. It's our way of giving back to the planet.