One solution for everything you need is the first solution where all safeguarding checks are requested and automated. Most organisations use multiple services which are more costly and time consuming. Time to change!


How simple works.

Request all checks.

Simply request all checks your require to be complete in on solution.

Leave it to us. will ensure all checks are completed and stored correctly.

We return the results.

You are no doubt very busy, so hand over the boring admin to

Integrated single central record to manage data

Time is everything and at we worked with Schools and Nurseries for over 12 months to build an integrated central record. One solution to on-board and manage your faculty.


Share records securely with organisations is built for recruiters and organizations. Recruiters can share records of staff directly with organisations, that will sync with the single central record. No more copy and pasting! GDPR compliant.


Bio-metric technology is more secure than photocopying!

Unless you are an expert in ID documentation and visas, then its really hard to validate authentic ID documents and visas. We use bio-technology to ensure documents are valid and they are who they say they are.


Safeguard passport for professionals

If you're references, qualifications and other checks have already been validated, why do it again? provides professionals with a secure passport that they can share with new employees to speed up the process. If there are any refreshed checks required, the organization can request these quickly through


The simplest way to ensure you're compliant

Our unique workflow ensures we capture all the information and documents you need to countersign. We store all information, documentation & digital stamps of when you countersigned documents so you have them ready when the regulators come knocking!


UK’s first screening service dedicated for child-orientated businesses


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