llama.id leading the way in DBS checking

llama.id has partnered with one of the UK’s biggest DBS services GBG Group, to provide industry-leading services for safeguarding. 

Why did we choose to partner with GBG group?

Partnering with GBG group ensures that we can offer the best service to our clients. With GBG’s renowned reputation of serving some of the UK’s biggest companies and charities, we can provide that enterprise-level service to smaller companies who don’t request 1000’s of checks a month.

Enhanced DBS checks are £46.00 inc. VAT (No minimum order required) 

Request all other checks through our service

If you need more than an enhanced DBS check for your onboarding requirements we have access to every check within our service. You can use llama.id for List 99 checks, Pep & sanction checks, and adverse credit checks, dependant on the position of the role.


Automated onboarding onto update service and monitoring

We are one of the only providers who are offering an end-to-end DBS service. We provide monthly DBS updates straight to your inbox and dashboard to keep your organization secure and save you more time.


UK’s first screening service dedicated for child-orientated businesses



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